Vegetarian friendly finds near Morristown & Bernardsville, NJ

List of eateries scroll down a bit!

I’m a recent college graduate so I have limited funds. Therefore these places are generally not sit-down, fancy it up, people serve you with wine type of establishments just so you’re forewarned, people who my parent’s age or my age with a ton of money from somewhere…

I went to college in Baltimore.  Baltimore has its flaws– but at least it’s a pretty big city so being a vegetarian was not all that challenging.

Now that I’ve moved back home to Harding it’s an everyday struggle.  Especially because I don’t want to eat your standard vegetarian meal that makes you feel proud: Mozzarella, Tomato in some form.  Give me something else, please.

There’s a Whole Foods in Madison and a Trader Joe’s in Florham Park. But those are 15-20 mins from me which is then like 40 mins in the car all around. So I looked into some other options.

(I should also quickly mention that I am incompetent at cooking. It’s not impossible I just don’t really feel like doing it. And I’m a hummus enthusiast but haven’t found a hummus hot spot yet so if you’ve got one let me know.)

I’ve compiled a list of some places I go that make vegetarianism slightly less difficult in Harding.  Many times I simply hit up the Kings and Shoprite Salad Bars but if I’m jonesing for something else…

Harding/ New Vernon

The Harding Deli & Country Store

(973) 425-1238

1098 Mt Kemble Ave
Morristown, NJ 07960

It has standard deli sandwiches but also a variety of vegetarian sandwich options. (And vegan if the cheese is omitted.) It’s not like some delis that have Nothing for vegetarians.

They have some interesting snack, drink, desert brands and coffee. They also sell alcohol.  It’s great for quick deli sandwich that’s good, not too expensive and vegetarian!  The staff is also quite friendly.

It’s between Morristown and Bernardsville off of 202. It’s near Flowers from Hannah and Wightman’s Farms. It’s in a little shopping area with about 4 other stores.

Blue Willow

(973) 267-1660
12 Village Rd PO Box 128
New Vernon, NJ 07976

I don’t particularly love the menu at this place. It’s a lot of generic American fare, which I’m not a huge fan of. But they have this stellar veggie burger called the “Love burger.”  It has an amazing texture that’s unlike other veggie burgers.

It’s thick, filling and the vegetables are actually visible.  It’s definitely worth a try. Also the place is pretty cute and has a country atmosphere. And their coffee is stellar. It’s sit down or order at the counter- take out. It’s next to the New Vernon post office, near Harding School & Christ the King.

Wightmans Farms

This is quaint little farm but during peak seasons (Pumpkin/ apple picking, Corn mazes, Christmas trees, something during Easter I’m forgetting,) it runs like an amusement park.  Generally though, it’s a lovely place to go and buy flowers and fresh vegetables and fruit they grow.  It’s off 202 in between Bernardsville and Morristown.

1111 Mount Kemble Avenue
Morristown, NJ 07960-6627
(973) 425-9819


Bernards Café

They’re like a diner/upscale American fare love child. They don’t particularly go out of their way to be vegetarian friendly but there are a decent amount of sandwiches and salads for those who forgo fleshy foods. It’s across from the Bernardsville movie theatre.

Lenny’s Pizza

Typical pizza place. But they have a good selection of vegetarian sandwiches and pizzas. (These kind of fit the cheese, tomato scheme I was ranting about earlier, but with more options like peppers, zucchini, eggplant etc. –you know Italian things!)  It’s in the shopping center with Gary’s, Burger King, Kings, and that bizarre Men’s store.

(908) 766-0465
88 Morristown Rd
Bernardsville, NJ 07924


The Health Shoppe

In Morristown, ironically tucked between a Burger King and the Morristown Meat Shop in the shopping center with Cluck U, this grocer/deli is like a baby Whole Foods. It’s not ragingly expensive and offers some great deli vegan, vegetarian sandwich options.

66 Morris St # 4, Morristown, NJ (973) 538-9131 () ‎

The Morristown Farmer’s Market

June through October every Sunday in the parking lot behind Dunkin Donuts, George and Martha’s and across from Huntington Learning Center. There are numerous vegetable & fruit vendors from local and organic farms and a sprinkling of bakeries. As at any farmer’s market there are pickles and honey. I went today and got to pet an alpaca! Check it out.


Pretty much the same as Chipotle, Baja Fresh etc.  Can easily maneuver around meat and dairy if you wish. They have fantastic guacamole. It’s near The Office, Starbucks and that newish apt development.

Smartworld Coffee

As you can infer from the name, this place is intelligent about earthly matters. Meaning they serve organic fair-trade coffee and vegetarian food options. Nice café in Morristown.

The South Street Creamery

I know, I was surprised as well. But I looked at the menu and it has a good amount of vegetarian stuff and salads. Not gonna lie, mostly I like that they have crepes. I haven’t tried it yet but I want to! Let’s go. Plus if you’re not vegan—you can get some incredible ice cream for dessert.

Andaman Sea

This is a stellar Thai food place. And as we know Thai food has a lot of vegetarian stuff going on, you got the tofu or vegetable pad thai and…others. Anyway it’s across from the train station and the shopping center that has Cluck U and The Health Shoppe. I luh this place.  It’s more sit down than take-out, but you can place a to go order if ya want.

Tart and Tofu

The name makes it simple. They’re like a Red Mango/Pinkberry place with yogurt, fruit, etc. But they also have vegetarian food. It’s a cute place and on the main walking strip near the Theatre, so even when parking’s a B you can figure out some way to saunter over. I’ve tried their yogurt and its tasty but I haven’t tried their food yet. Let’s go!

8 South Street, Morristown, NJ 07960 · 973-267-5451 —

–> Also in Morristown there’s a Cosi, Bagel place and I’m sure some other sit downs that have vegetarian options.

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